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Meet Karina: one of the beautiful students who attended our summer camp this year. Our team met Karina three years ago during one of our visits to the orphanage. She was nine years old at that time, known as an extra-active kid with strong leadership skills. Karina, like all orphans, has her own tragic story. It was great to see how she was touched by the camp’s atmosphere and God’s presence during the Bible classes and services. During one of the Bible lessons, she shared part of her story, which is difficult to hear. She was describing scenes of violence from her family home and how scared she was when “papa” hit “mama”… She has probably never shared this story with anybody and sharing it with the group seemed to help lighten the heavy load that she carries. After sharing, Karina sincerely prayed to God, thanking God for the camp and for loving teachers. Praise to God that we can support children like Karina. Pray with us for Karina!