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A few thoughts for reading before you look at the attached pictures from the Easter party we had a week ago. I teach English kids from our local orphanage, and, honestly, it’s one of the biggest pleasure of my entire life. At the same time it’s heartbreaking. But it’s always exciting for me. Every time these little guys come up and ask me to hold them for a while in my hands. It is always touching. They stand in line to have an adult holding them for a few seconds... But my biggest pleasure is having fellowship with older guys. The teenagers in my group are awesome. And the most touching fact personally to me about this guys is - they are the same, there is no difference between them and kids who have families. They are just regular teens, with big dreams, shining eyes... except one fact which makes them different. They have no home... When I once told them in the end of my lesson - it’s time to go home, they told my - we don’t have a home, we have an orphanage. It’s something that is very heartbreaking. All we do here in Ukraine is teamwork. Our Ukrainian team consists with good Christians, whose passion is to help orphans. It’s Slavic, Vitaliy, Lili, Andrew and other guys. Please pray for the team and the ministry here.