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Christmas is the happiest season for many children around the world. But for many fatherless, abused and poverty-stricken children in Ukraine it is just another date on the calendar. We want to make this Christmas SPECIAL for Ukrainian orphans, abused and neglected children and those who are in need. We want to tell them about the Savior Jesus and His love. Hope Ukraine together with Ukraine Ministries and the First Baptist Church of Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi is launching a fundraiser to buy Christmas gifts for 500 children that our church will serve throughout Christmas holidays on Jan 4-9. The cost of one gift is 8 USD. Please, prayerfully consider supporting this Christmas project and help many children to experience the joy of Christmas.


Here are some more happy faces of the children enjoying our Christmas Outreach Programs at the First Baptist Church. For many of the children, the gifts we presented, were the only gifts they received this Christmas season.


This Christmas season was very busy for our ministry. Our team started preparation for Christmas Outreach right after the Thanksgiving Day. By the mercy of God on Jan 4-7 we had four large outreach events for different age children. These are the kids from poor families, orphans from the local orphanage, our American English Academy students and children with disabilities. We are glad to share some pictures of the first event for the little ones. Our team presented a special Christmas program with games, songs, videos, a solid Gospel message and of course Christmas gifts. Thank you very much for your support to buy the gifts for these children!!! More pictures are coming in the next posts.


Christmas is the happiest season for many children around the world. But for many fatherless, abused and poverty-stricken children in Ukraine it is just another date on the calendar. We want to make this Christmas SPECIAL for Ukrainian orphans, abused and neglected children and those who are in need. We want to tell them about the Savior Jesus and His love. Hope Ukraine together with Ukraine Ministries and the First Baptist Church of Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi is launching a fundraiser to buy Christmas gifts for 500 children that our church will serve throughout Christmas holidays on Jan 4-9. The cost of one gift is 8 USD. Please, prayerfully consider supporting this Christmas project and help many children to experience the joy of Christmas.


This week we continue preparing our 16+ orphans for the upcoming winter. This time we purchased the most needed pieces of winter clothing to Kristina, Lera and Sasha. Kristina's story is full of ups and downs. She ended up in the orphanage when she was a very little girl, got pregnant at a very young age as it is common for orphans. She is 18 now and she is mother of a handsome little boy. Lera and Sasha are students and we are mentoring and encouraging them to study hard in order to succeed in life. But we believe that the greatest success of their life is that they are seeking God and attend our church as part of being under the care of Hope Ukraine. We pray that they would eventually make the decision to accept Christ and follow him in Baptism.


It was fun to have a few orphans we support in our home for pizza after church. It is amazing that such small mouths ate the whole 5 pizzas in the blink of an eye..


While we have a few warm days left, we started preparing our older orphans 16+ for the frosty and snowy winter. The most needed pieces of clothing are jackets, coats, winter boots, sweaters and hats. Ruslana, Nastia, Diana and Ruslan were thrilled to get the clothing they needed. They graduated from the orphanage this year and are under our care until they are ready for the independent life. They are all around fifteen and without the support of generous donors they would have had a hard time to stay warm. It is fun shopping with them and during the next few weeks we will be purchasing winter clothing for those whom God has entrusted to us.


Learn to do well; seek justice, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless…” Isaiah 1:17. Denis graduated from the orphanage this summer. As many other teenagers he was sent to study at a technical school and to live the independent life on his own. The government support for a grown up orphan is $40 a month which $1.3 a day. Since neither orphanage nor technical school provides these teenagers with winter clothes, Denis was struggling with cold and sicknesses, not having even cold-weather shoes. We are thankful to two American families for their incredible hearts and providing funds to address this need. It was fun shopping with Denis having him pick the stuff he likes. He was extremely excited about this generous gift from his loving American friends. We are proud of kids like Denis. Please, remember him in your prayers.


We are grateful to Tracy Baker Bengtson for the Christian books and Bibles that she sent from U.S. We were happy to deliver the books to the orphanage recently. We also delivered some sweets and a box of bananas. Thank you Ms. Tracy for your care and love.


Yesterday we had a birthday party at our English Academy by the church. Bogdan has just turned 10. We held a special birthday party for this special child and enjoyed a great cake with drinks. Thank you Leah Perez Rixmann and your friends for remembering this birthday anniversary of little Bogdan. May God bless you Bogdan. You deserve it!


We are enjoying having pastor Jeff from FBC Robertsdale here, in our town. Today we had a great fellowship time with a group of orphans we serve to. That was a warm and open conversation about spiritual life and repenting sins. Ruslana and Masha (by right side on the picture) were attending church today for the first time ever in their life. Diana (red hair girl) is getting prepared to get baptized soon. Andrey is a member of our church already. Ruslan (from the left) has already made a decision to follow Jesus. This guys need your prayers.


This week is our first week back in the classroom after break and it has started off great. All children are excited and ready to learn at our free English Learning Center. We look forward to carrying this momentum with us as we continue our journey to create a better future for the underprivileged children of Ukraine. Classes with local orphans will begin in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out for our progress.


We were glad to meet Diana, one of the girls in the orphanage that Hope Ukraine supports. Diana is a straight A student, prudent, and hard working girl. This July she accepted Christ at the summer camp organized by the First Baptist Church of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky in conjunction with FBC of Robertsdale, Al. Diana is very serious about her faith and is taking Baptismal classes at the church. Next year she will graduate from the orphanage and will pursue a higher education. Hope Ukraine will be fundraising to help Diana fulfill her life’s dream.


The other day we visited Anya, a seven-year-old girl from the village, along with Dr. Ivan Abramov. Anya lives in an unsanitary and very limited living space, in addition to this she suffers from a rare blood cancer. For the past few years Hope Ukraine has assisted in providing care for Anya and thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Barbra and Mark Pugh, we were able to supply her family with her most recent round of medication, necessary to continue the fight against this disease.


We are celebrating the final stage of adoption journey of our dear friends Mike and Trish Braun. Today we met their three children that they have adopted from the local orphanage where we serve. It is hard to describe the amount of resources, time, prayers and tears that a family invests to adopt an orphan. I am so grateful to God for a great future that He has envisioned for these three precious children with Mike and Trish. Please pray for this family to be heading home to Canada the upcoming Monday.


Meet Karina: one of the beautiful students who attended our summer camp this year. Our team met Karina three years ago during one of our visits to the orphanage. She was nine years old at that time, known as an extra-active kid with strong leadership skills. Karina, like all orphans, has her own tragic story. It was great to see how she was touched by the camp’s atmosphere and God’s presence during the Bible classes and services. During one of the Bible lessons, she shared part of her story, which is difficult to hear. She was describing scenes of violence from her family home and how scared she was when “papa” hit “mama”… She has probably never shared this story with anybody and sharing it with the group seemed to help lighten the heavy load that she carries. After sharing, Karina sincerely prayed to God, thanking God for the camp and for loving teachers. Praise to God that we can support children like Karina. Pray with us for Karina!


We are so blessed to serve the orphans, children in need and other groups of children in our summer camp. Thanks to the amazing cooperation between FBC of Robertsdale (AL) and FBC of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi (Ukraine), a great Christian camp for 120 children is in full swing. Hope Ukraine has a great opportunity to contribute to this large project. The group of orphans from the orphanage we serve is attending this 5 days camp. Thanks to our generous partners and donors Hope Ukraine was able to provide camp equipment, such as two large 20 feet trampolines, balls, camp tables and benches. Please take a minute to look at these precious pictures which are worth 1000 words. Please pray for our team, orphans, other groups of children and their parents, that the revival and restoration would come to broken families and our community.


Our founder Nick Logan and some of our US based Hope Ukraine team have been visiting Ukraine for the planning meetings together with our Ukrainian team. They have also had additional strategical meetings with other Ukrainian organizations. It was great to discuss our upcoming projects and pray together for their success.


Before the summer vacation, we had a graduation ceremony and party at our American English Academy. We are looking forward to starting a new season with our precious students very soon.


Ruslan is a solid young man that we met when he was an orphan in Belgorod. Last summer, Ruslan has aged out from the orphanage where he had lived since 2004. The system in Ukraine graduates or “ages out” orphans at 15 years old. Fifteen is a young age by any standard to be cast on one’s own in today’s world. A meager stipend is provided by the State, but the amount of this stipend is barely enough to cover minimal life sustaining expenses. At HopeUkraine, our ministry is committed to providing the Gospel first to those to whom we minister. Following this, we then support the “hearers” with ongoing support. Ruslan is a hearer ad he has aligned himself with the team to allow them to provide much needed discipleship in the Faith! For this reason, we are pleased to have been able to provide housing for Ruslan, as well as Christ centered mentoring for him during the last year. I am humbled by the transformation that we have witnessed in his life. The lifestyle changes are incredible, and it all started with a single step, as Ruslan visited our church in Belgorod and accepted Christ at one of our services. This saving relationship with Christ is such a blessing to see. One of the biggest passions Ruslan has is wood crafting, and he is a very able carpenter. This month, our founder Nick Logan, bought and delivered to Ruslan a professional wood crafting kit designed to encourage Ruslan’s gift for wood working. When he received the gift, Ruslan said, “that it’s something he dreamt about all his life.” A simple gift that may change the lives of so many associated with Ruslan. I would like to request that you Pray for this amazing young man, and for thousands of orphans, who are trying to find a place in this world without adult’s assistance and care. May Christ fill their lives with Hope in Ukraine!


Dear friends! As you know we serve to several orphanages in Ukraine and many orphans, families in need, abandoned children and internally displaced people. We are fundraising for the camping equipment to serve orphans and children in need. Our 2019 summer camp begins in July and our goal is to raise 9000 USD. It is a huge amount but God is bigger. Please send me a message if you want to contribute. God bless!


Had a couple from Canada helping us with English today. Thank you Michael and Trish Braun for such a great lesson!


A few thoughts for reading before you look at the attached pictures from the Easter party we had a week ago. I teach English kids from our local orphanage, and, honestly, it’s one of the biggest pleasure of my entire life. At the same time it’s heartbreaking. But it’s always exciting for me. Every time these little guys come up and ask me to hold them for a while in my hands. It is always touching. They stand in line to have an adult holding them for a few seconds... But my biggest pleasure is having fellowship with older guys. The teenagers in my group are awesome. And the most touching fact personally to me about this guys is - they are the same, there is no difference between them and kids who have families. They are just regular teens, with big dreams, shining eyes... except one fact which makes them different. They have no home... When I once told them in the end of my lesson - it’s time to go home, they told my - we don’t have a home, we have an orphanage. It’s something that is very heartbreaking. All we do here in Ukraine is teamwork. Our Ukrainian team consists with good Christians, whose passion is to help orphans. It’s Slavic, Vitaliy, Lili, Andrew and other guys. Please pray for the team and the ministry here.


We visited Ania and her brother Vania with doctor. Ania is feeling much better. Praise the Lord! She still needs a long term procedures of treatment. This is the required protocol to keep her challenges under control. We are blessed to report, that Hope Ukraine covers her treatment as well as provides food for this poor family. Keep praying for Ania and her family!


Our team visited an orphanage recently, and while we were there, we noticed that the kids were wearing old and worn out shoes. The orphanage director agreed that these shoes must go to the trash, but they did not have the funds to replace these tired shoes, with brand new shoes. That is how the project “Shoe for an Orphan” was born. This month, our team was blessed to visit two orphanages, and delivered more than 200 pairs shoes to these precious little ones. No comments...just look at the pictures and these happy eyes.


“Shoe for an orphan” project is in action!!! More pictures are coming.


Meet our great pupils!!! These kids are from low income families. Providing them free English classes we create opportunities for them.


Meet Ania - one of the social orphans that our ministry supports. She has a unique story. This story consists of struggles, pain and difficulties as well as strength and hope. This precious video was taken two years ago in the hospital, when Ania’s blood cancer just went to the stage of remission. It is still in remission, but in addition, she has chronic bronchial asthma and serious problems with kidneys. Ania is not afraid of doctors because she spent her whole life going back and forth to the hospitals and orphanages. She is six now, and she spent 4 years in hospitals. When she was 3 years old her mother abandoned her, and she ended up in the orphanage. One of these pictures was taken a year ago, when we visited Ania in the hospital, bringing her medication and food that were donated by Christians. She is smiling on the picture as always in life. Several times she was on the verge of life and death. But God always helps her to overcome it. Recently, the Social Services gave Ania’s father a chance to take his children home and let Ania and her brother Sasha move back to their village hut. This is a poverty stricken family which is hard to describe. Last week we were given a call by the orphanage doctor and he informed us that Ania felt bad again and needed expensive medication. It’s always amazing how God works. Right after this sad call, a Christian family from Alabama emailed us with the question, how they can send us $300 for the orphans’ ministry. Thank you, Freeman’s family and Sipsey Baptist Association mission group! Thanks to your contribution Ania’s treatment is set for next 1.5 months. We were excited to visit Ania and her brother this Sunday. We brought doctor and lots of medicines as well as some food and toys. We had a lot of fun playing with kids outside. “Be strong and brave” little Ania! (Deut. 31:6).


Our team delivered three big room size carpets and 15 desks to the small village daycare in Ukraine. Investing to the kids we are investing to the future of the country.


Ukraine celebrates Mother’s Day in the beginning March. In support of this annual celebration, Hope Ukraine held a special lesson dedicated to the subject with the children from local low income families. This was a wonderful opportunity to tell the children about God’s blessing of a mother’s lovely heart. Each of the children made a handmade gift for their mother.


We started a new program – Educational Center. The idea of the Center is to create the opportunities by teaching IT, economical literacy, budgeting and professional orientation to those who are about to age out from the orphanage. Hope Ukraine foundation equipped the classes with computers and furniture from the USA. First group of 10 orphans from the district orphanage started to attended our Center last week. We are in the process of creation of one more group of kids from another orphanage. More groups are on the way.


Our Hope Ukraine team visited a local orphanage to play with the children and spend time with them talking about God’s love. It is heartbreaking to see beautiful, innocent children abandoned by their parents. We told them a Bible story about the lost sheep and good Shepherded who does not leave it alone because He loves his sheep unconditionally. We were excited to see how this story touched their hearts. Such moments like this encourage us to do more for these children and to create opportunities for them. That is why we are glad to announce the launch of the Opportunity Center as a part of our American English Academy that will consist of the IT courses, classes of economical literacy, budgeting and professional orientation courses. We need volunteers to teach these courses and English language.


The financial support from the government for Orphanages is sorely lacking. Therefore, there is an ongoing need for school supplies, and other traditional items for school attendance. We recently received an urgent request for help from the Orphanage director, and because of your faithful support we were able to immediately purchase backpacks for the children who started their school studies on January 14. Do you remember the peer pressure that one experiences in school? Who is cool, who has what new clothes or new item? Well our precious children are attending public schools without parents that support them, so the social pressure on these children is enormous. It is if they wear a “Scarlet O (Orphan)” every day when they show up at school. It is our goal to make their lives at school on an even playing field with their peers. Not to adapt, but to avoid ridicule. This year we are pleased to have delivered school backpacks for the orphanages in Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi.


Summer is not only about the beach, having fun, and enjoying warm weather entertainment. Summer is also a time of change. While children from the surrounding Ukrainian schools were enjoying the sunshine, we had a very fruitful program of study at the American English Academy. Summertime was a time for growth at HopeUkraine. We are pleased to announce that we have added two additional study groups totaling more than 30 students. These new students are from low income community families, rather than from our local orphanages. We strongly believe that the ability to read and write English, will provide a voice for these students. A voice that will provide expanded opportunities. For this reason, we provide absolutely free English lessons for these children, so that there is no barrier for them to learn English. We were so blessed to have some friends from Alabama visit us in Belhorod, and take part in teaching in our classrooms. There were two separate groups of volunteers that came to work at our American English Academy facility. It was truly an incredible time, and a unique opportunity for the children to practice their conversational English and improve their skills. Of course it was a big encouragement complete with laughter and fun for our students, as they had the chance to actually communicate with the English they have been learning. Lifelong friendships were begun, and hearts were touched forever. Please remember the work of HopeUkraine in your prayers. We are committed to humbly serving, and to making this initiative a life changing ministry for which God has graciously provided opportunity.


IMPORTANT! Hope Ukraine is committed to providing Hope and opportunity to those that are challenged with medical, and financial struggles. For this purpose, we are pleased to introduce you to a young boy named Vanya, one of four children in a local family. Sadly, Vanya's Father deserted the family when Vanya was only a baby. His mother does her best to take care of these four young children, but the money that she earns is barely enough to provide consistent healthy food. Vanya was born with problems with eyes. A few months ago Vanya was examined, and the attending physicians said that Vanya urgently needs corrective surgery, or he will completely lose his eyesight. Hope Ukraine was honored to provide the funds needed to perform this life changing surgical procedure. The surgery will happen this week, and tomorrow we ask that you will remember young Vanya in your prayers. Following the surgery, we trust that in a few days he will be able to look at this world with new, and better eyesight. This surgery is only one of the many ways that we are able to serve God through our ministry in Ukraine. Please prayerfully consider assisting us with your tax deductible contribution of any size. God is the treat physician, and it is a blessing to bring healing Hope to Ukraine.


Meet the new students of the American English Academy. After the competitive selection 30 more children from foster families, broken homes and families in need have been enrolled in the Academy. The students came to their first lesson with their mothers and grandmothers. The joy and excitement was evident on their faces. Praise God for this opportunity to teach them English as well as Gospel. Thank you for your support of Hope Ukraine!


The church in Odessa region that was built by Germans in 1904 is under reconstruction. Join to help restore it and start services.


David is 9 years old orphan and he needs a surgery to save his eye sight. Hope Ukraine purchased him medication to relieve the symptoms. Please pray for David and if you are inclined to help this orphan please click on “Donate”. May God bless you!


Incredible news!!! The second 40 ft. container with school furniture and hospital equipment has arrived in Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi, Ukraine. This is the continuing effort of Hope Ukraine to help the state orphanages, schools and hospitals to replace the 50 years old equipment. We are grateful to Logan family and all those who donated the equipment or helped with the shipping. With the beginning of the new school year hundreds of children will sit at the new chairs and desks donated by Hope Ukraine foundation. Please continue to pray and support the ministry of Hope Ukraine.


We are thankful to Peace Corps USA for accepting application of our American English Academy. Hopefully this fall we will have one or several volunteers from USA teaching English, helping with different projects for orphans’ care and youth development for two years. We need more… Sign up.


It was wonderful to have the founder of “Hope Ukraine” Nick Logan in Ukraine for a week. Together with partner organization “Alla Ginak’s Foundation” we have launched the Professional Orientation Program to help orphans chose the occupation they want to pursue after school. Orphans from Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi got the chance to take three weeks’ classes at the local shoe factory “Belsta” and learn about shoe manufacturing. Some orphans made a commitment to come and work here after technical school.


Hope Ukraine is helping to make the soccer field for the special needs children orphanage. The trucks are bringing black soil to plan the field for future games.


More than 150 used desks and chairs have been distributed in Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi middle schools in elementary classes. The desks, chairs and tables have been purchased by the Logan family in California and shipped by Joe Savage ministries. It was a long awaited moment because 40 years old school furniture was in horrible condition and badly needed replacement. Some school supplies were delivered to American English Center and the Educational Opportunity center for orphans. The little students are excited and extremely happy. «Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”. While the second container is on its way to Ukraine we are raising funds to ship the third container of school supplies to orphanages and schools in Ukraine. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this ministry!


On October 2017, the delegation of the Hope Ukraine Foundation, visited Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi middle school №6. Hundreds of students from one of the poorest districts of the city study at this school. Because of war in the East of Ukraine and the economic crisis, the desks and supplies of the school are old and worn out and have not been replaced for more 30 years. Nick Logan - the founder of Hope Ukraine, was struck by the problems of this school and thanks to good people in California established a humanitarian relief project to help this school and others. The first container from California, full of desks, tables and other school equipment made it in Bihorod-Dnistrovskyi this week. Another one with more supplies is yet on its way. The children are excited and look forward until school starts next week. There is no better investment that the one made in children.


The America English Center (AEC) is in full swing. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our trained teachers are engaged with the wonderful children from the orphanage. The task that we set before our teachers is not just to teach English, but also to motivate and inspire the kids to reach their full potential. All our students are very excited about the lessons presented, and I am pleased to report that they have been working very hard. We are very proud of their efforts, and we are so glad to see their early success!


Hope Ukraine has taken the orphans to the children's play center and hosted Chrismas dinner. It is a very rewarding feeling to see the smile of joy on orphan's face.


Hope Ukraine launched the American English Center for orphans founded by Nick and Gail Logan. The Center will teach English language as well as job training, character building and leadership skills in the rooms provided cost free by the mayor of Belgorod, Ukraine. What a great chance to impact the lives of these precious children. At the opening ceremony Nick and Gail Logan have given the graduation diplomas to the orphans who have completed the introductory English course that they had taught in the orphanage. The local authorities as well as orphanage director are overfilled with gratitude for the special care of orphans provided by Hope Ukraine..


Little Olga from the orphanage had a severe cross-eyed condition that threatened to leave her blind. Thanks to Hope Ukraine support Olga urgently had corrective surgeries and is now on recovery path. This is just one of the examples where your donations go.

As part of the program for orphans, Hope Ukraine provided Ruslan with a brand-new cell phone. He has never held such a valuable gift that was given to him for free. Now he is studying in college and needs a laptop for his studies.