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American English Academy

The American English Academy (AEA) is an Educational project, which exist since January 2018, and provides English classes for the most vulnerable categories of children, such as orphans, children from the families that live below poverty line. The Academy uses state of the art equipment in a comfortable environment to educate the students. Our teachers are all certified and have extensive experience teaching English to all ages. We believe that providing these students with an ability to communicate in English, we will enrich them with tools for a lifetime. Ukraine has blessed them with a rich heritage, and we believe that the AEA will equip them with an ability to speak that will lead to great opportunities.

THE AEA Address: Mykhailivska str 25, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Odessa region, Ukraine. ZIP 67700.

For information about the AEA and its free English Program, please contact Valentin Lupashko: