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Summer is not only about the beach, having fun, and enjoying warm weather entertainment. Summer is also a time of change. While children from the surrounding Ukrainian schools were enjoying the sunshine, we had a very fruitful program of study at the American English Academy. Summertime was a time for growth at HopeUkraine. We are pleased to announce that we have added two additional study groups totaling more than 30 students. These new students are from low income community families, rather than from our local orphanages. We strongly believe that the ability to read and write English, will provide a voice for these students. A voice that will provide expanded opportunities. For this reason, we provide absolutely free English lessons for these children, so that there is no barrier for them to learn English. We were so blessed to have some friends from Alabama visit us in Belhorod, and take part in teaching in our classrooms. There were two separate groups of volunteers that came to work at our American English Academy facility. It was truly an incredible time, and a unique opportunity for the children to practice their conversational English and improve their skills. Of course it was a big encouragement complete with laughter and fun for our students, as they had the chance to actually communicate with the English they have been learning. Lifelong friendships were begun, and hearts were touched forever. Please remember the work of HopeUkraine in your prayers. We are committed to humbly serving, and to making this initiative a life changing ministry for which God has graciously provided opportunity.