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The financial support from the government for Orphanages is sorely lacking. Therefore, there is an ongoing need for school supplies, and other traditional items for school attendance. We recently received an urgent request for help from the Orphanage director, and because of your faithful support we were able to immediately purchase backpacks for the children who started their school studies on January 14. Do you remember the peer pressure that one experiences in school? Who is cool, who has what new clothes or new item? Well our precious children are attending public schools without parents that support them, so the social pressure on these children is enormous. It is if they wear a “Scarlet O (Orphan)” every day when they show up at school. It is our goal to make their lives at school on an even playing field with their peers. Not to adapt, but to avoid ridicule. This year we are pleased to have delivered school backpacks for the orphanages in Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi.