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About us

Hope Ukraine is a nonprofit organization established in the United States that exists to provide hope for orphans and children in need from all over Ukraine. The initiative is based on the belief that by providing orphans with an ability to speak English, they will have a much greater opportunity to succeed as they age out of the Orphanage system. That’s why, we are dedicated to several objectives.

1) American English Academy is an educational project, that provides free English lessons to the most vulnerable categories of children: orphans, children that come from the low-income families, children with disabilities, etc.

2) Educational Opportunity Center presents children with multiple ways to earn money and operate a business through IT courses, drills and workshops. We believe that Internet is a great equalizer and in its depth there are thousands of opportunities for our well-trained English-speaking graduates. All services will be available at no charge. We are certain, that with education opportunities come, and with opportunities comes HOPE!

American English Academy (AEA)

Meet the new students of the American English Academy.

Educational Opportunity Сenter (EOC))

Hope Ukraine foundation equipped the classes with computers and furniture from the USA.

Orphans care

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Ukraine Transformation Initiatives

With the beginning of the new school year hundreds of children will sit at the new chairs and desks donated by Hope Ukraine foundation.

Other ways participate

Community Support

Hope Ukraine is committed to supporting additional Community work in Belgorod.

Latest News

This day was emotionally devastating for our ministry as God brought us to a house that just broke our hearts. The roof leaks in multiple places so there is only a kitchen to hide in during the rain. The ceiling is about to fall. Because this lady buried her daughter she accumulated 170 USD debt for the power supply. No electricity. No real heating. Three granddaughters are in the orphanage.Health problems. All she lives on is about 80 USD a month as retirement pension...